Corporation Screwover

All right, so I am terrible about this....
3 sessions down this time....

Okay, so I have not been faithful in my updating- in my defense I have a lot going on in my life and updating is not the first priority. I have 3.5 sessions to update; hopefully I do not miss anything poignant.

So the impeding firefight that was in my last update and was the topic of one of Crash’s musings- turned out to be hotel security doing what they do when a penthouse is seemingly under attack. Pacific Slim was the only true injury, and was taken down with a cyber-slammer (a very powerful tazer developed for potential cyber psycos). Pacific Slim was taken to a hospital for treatment on the Hotels dime, and the rest of the night was relatively undisturbed. Goji did research most of the night, Crash slept on very good meds, Drake watched some TV with his girlfriend Reina, while Zeke and Stacy both rested up.

In the morning, Goji left early- Crash and Stacy got new suits and went shopping (Honest- I had nothing to do with setting that up. The fact that the 2 females in the group spent the morning getting new clothes and then going shopping…. Honest I didn’t!). Zeke left a little while later leaving Drake, Reina and his bodyguard in the hotel room. Goji started work on a little hidey hole, Zeke went looking for a payday, and Pacific Slim recovered nicely. Slim saw a few heavy hitters in the hospital and turned the nearest window into a new exit. When Slim got back to the hotel his “spider sense” was tingling and telling him things were not going smoothly. A few overheard conversations and then he was on his way back out. He did take the time to let Drake and company know his suspicions and they all decided to go to Militech headquarters early.

Crash and Stacy ended up at a cybershop getting helmet upgrades when they were informed that an overzealous labtech had phoned them in on a tip line. They loaded up and ran out the back. While avoiding the blow by blow here are the highlights. Stacy got hit with a door and Crash stashed her in a dumpster. Crash discovered that the new armor is really good and that she needs a weapon that can actually penetrate it. Crash stole a limo and returned to pick up Stacy only to discover that she might be gone. Was horrified to find out that they have a mandate to cryo the head if need be. Crash decides to take a corp hostage and then runs to Goji.

Zeke discovers that Crash, Drake, and Pacific Slim are all on bounty hunter search databases, Aimee and Reina (with virtually no information and a poor picture) as well. He decides to take Aimee as a bounty and discovers that there are some frightening circumstances in her disappearance. It appears that she was abducted after a struggle and whoever took her took time to clean up the scene of the crime as best they could. He found some clues and tracks down Goji to help him figure these things out.

Goji has been working at converting a sewer junction into a hidey hole. I won’t go into all the details but it will be well guarded when he is done. He also discovers that a friend has been removing his name from search databases. Crash shows up with a corp and they do some interrogating. Goji gives lots of work to Brucie, his go-to fixer contact. Brucie is getting auto cannons, explosives, lab tech expertise, and military grade ordinance for the group.

On a side note- I am very excited that the entire group is in 2 places. Ah, the little things in life :)

Run Like You Stole Something!
Thoughts after a firefight....

Uh oh… I don’t think I remembered to pay for the upgrades to my helmet.

Oh well! Heh, I guess I get a few hundred worth in electronics for free.

Well maybe not free. I’m going to have to get the armor on my back fixed after all those rounds. Doesn’t look like I took any severe damage. Damage indicators are reading yellow for superficial… i think.

Dammit, I forgot to grab the users manual. And my gun case. And my flipping pistol! That was an antique! Dammit!

Oh well, I should be able to find something online next chance I get to log in. And maybe that idiot Stacy will think to grab my guitar case full of ammo and my pistol. If she doesn’t get caught anyway. Lets hope those troopers are dumb as bricks, if she’s lucky and quick she’ll get out of it. A bimbo she may seem sometimes but she’s got guts and wiles. If she doesn’t I’ll kill her ’tho. Dammit.

Maybe while I’m getting my rear armor fixed I can have the techs rework my suit to look like a combat borg? Probably cost extra but it would be great camouflage, especially since the douches after us know what I look like now. I’ve gotta find an anti borg gun while I’m at it. Maybe I can get some hookups for an arms dealer…what was that dude we went to yesterdays name again? Fuck, I was so drugged up I can’t remember.

I guess I’ll head back to that Miltech place i got the armor from to begin with. Maybe I’m still under warranty…

“Suit! Tap my phone and dial up Goji.” Maybe he remembers the black market guy from yesterday. Or was it his contact? Oh well… find out soon enough.

Three Seconds to Live

I love Bugs, not the insect kind, but the rabbit.

His classic line, “Whats up doc?” Funny!

Excuse me being a little rambly and odd, I’m drugged up and recovering from being shot right now.

Which is why I’m watching loony toons.

Even in my drugged up state I’m wondering why nobody has called me out on only wearing a pair of panties, a tank top and the bandages on my arm. Well I do have the sheet from the bed wrapped around my arm too, but i don’t think that counts. Of course it could have something to do with everybody trying to kill Drake.

Not that I blame them.

He is kind of a douche.

If it weren’t for the fact I’m dating his sister I’d try to kill him too.

I think i lost my train of thought… Oh ya! Bugs! I was always a little jealous of Lola…Bugs is a great guy. I also have a thing for Wile E. Coyote, but I love him for his brain. While it never works out for him he comes up with some genius ideas. But he always gets the shaft because Road Runner has stupid luck. Which is why he never quite makes it up to Bugs level.

Shocking. I just admitted that there are guy’s that i like. Cartoon characters or not. I’ve been a tail chaser for as long as i can remember. I just never liked guys. Not in that way. But at the same time there have been a few guys that just get me wet. Still it’s neither here nor there. I’m a taken woman. And if I survive this horseshit setup I’ma get me the juiciest rug in town.

Why are the windows opening like that?


Honest, we are still going....
2 sessions in 2 months....

So I know it has been awhile since my last entry. There has actually been only 2 sessions since my last entry. The holiday season, work issues, schooling, illness- gaming has taken a back seat to all these things.
Things that have happened since my last entry; Goji, Crash, and Zeke went on a road trip into a combat zone to retrieve a vehicle and its cargo. While driving into a bottleneck, they discovered that this territory is under the control of the Hangmen. A extremly militant and very territorial gang. They survived without a shot being fired and actually came out a little ahead. Back at the apartment that Crash has been hiding out at Pacific Slim convinced Crash and Goji to help him spike Amy’s business lunch. If he succeeded, he would get a healthy payday as Amy’s client will no longer be breathing. He believes he succeeded, being that the target did not show up for the discovery hearing where he was going to introduce a new brief. Thus, his law that would most likely pass is now in limbo. Success? Stacy discovered that some of the group’s phones were being tapped and passed the word along and the group went out and got burner phones. Stacy also traded in another favor and got the group a temporary hideout. It turns out that Hat Trik has access to a penthouse suite in a secured building. The hit squad that made mincemeat out of Crazy Diamonds bodyguard had succeeded in tracking down Drake. Luckily his girlfriend was able to run a little interference and he has survived. He managed to get the cash for his last gig. Using that money he hid in a coffin house for a little while and then sought a lawyer to help him cut a deal to save his ass. He has parlayed his potential deal into getting a driver/bodyguard and an armored car for the next 24 hours as well. Stacy has ran to the groups hideout because after running some errands she returned to the bar to discover that a fire has gutted the club that was the building over the very secure basement bar. When Drake showed up at the suite and the bodyguard entered first all hell broke loose when the group thought that they were being attacked. But this is the calm before the storm. A hidden passageway has appeared and a floor to ceiling window in the bedroom is retracting out.
If this was a novel instead of a RPG, the last line would have been one of the characters looking at one of the secret passages saying “Awww…. Shit.” While releveling their gun at the opening.

When given a few minues, after a shitstorm, everybody turns to introspection.

Crashes Narrator Monologue (On The drive to deal with the truck-jacking, the second one in as many days)

I’ve got three rules: The deal is the deal, when its made that’s what it stays at, no real names, and never look in the package.

I’ve never wanted to break those rules more than the last couple jobs I’ve had. I got the shock of my life when I, while transporting a digital package, hit a mother pushing a stroller. What was worse was that the mechanic found a baby’s leg lodged under the hood.

But I’m a professional.

I soldier on.

It’s not like i haven’t caused my fair share of collateral damage before. No my major beef is that the mission i got as a command performance after that was a shit-storm of hell and blood. I had to transport something in a refrigerated truck from Night City to LA. While the pickup was easy, the drop off lead straight through a war-zone. I’m not the shooty type of operator. I prefer to do it silently or from long range if I have to take somebody out. But we got hit hard by an army of a gang driving up through the docks district. Whats worse is that I took a few rounds.

I’m sitting behind the wheel left arm driving because I can’t feel my right arm anymore. I still don’t even know if all the bullets are out or not. I don’t have the time or the safety to go to a hospital and now Razz has me hyped up on some drug that a dealer gave us.

Whats worse is that I can’t use my fingers anymore. My arm is kinda dead, more than just numb but it takes a lot of effort to hold the damn wheel when I try and my fingers are permanently limp. At this point it’s all but guaranteed that I’m going to have to get it replaced if it wont work. I can’t do my job effectively with only one arm. Which sucks because I’ve managed to go this long without getting any cybers, but it looks like I’m going to have to get some major work done. Hell i might as well get some neurojacks and internals since I’m opening the package anyway.

If I survive the weekend. But first I have to get though today.

Assassin Catch up
Pacific Slim's outside his Comfort Zone

Pacific Slim returns! He comes back to us and picks up on “Friday” trying to get the big bucks for the assassination that looks like an accident. He spends most of the day tracking his target only to discover that high powered lawyers are slightly paranoid. He spends his time behind mirrored skyscraper glass, limos (that are most likely armored) and in a corporate hotel suite. But he has a weakness; He seems to have a refined palate. He has a private chef that makes all of his meals and delivers them. Slim makes a deal to procure a binary poison available sometime tomorrow morning. After some rest, and watching well into the morning Slim is stunned to see his buddy Goji and Crash show up and go into the chefs apartment! When they leave and go into the apartment next door Slim decides to talk to them. After some discussion, there are some phone calls made and then relaxing in front of the TV. They catch a news report about riots and gang violence at a local night club. Then the news takes a much darker turn. A certain mercenary was gunned down at a local hotel. A combat squad of 7 individuals in heavy armor with no regards to who or what got in their way took all necessary means, and then some, to remove this individual from the list of the living/breathing. Who was this individual? Well it appears that there was a guard that defended Crazy Diamond along with Crash. While Crash was a great driver, her crowd handling skills were not as good as they needed to be. Someone a little larger was needed. That someone larger is now gone in a hail of gunfire. This hits Crash and Goji hard, and Crash loses her wonderful breakfast while Goji starts phoning contacts to collect more information. They call up Stacie, who saw the same report, and all agree to meet. Goji lucks out in that a friend of his from a few years ago is back in town and looking for a job. A weathered older solo that just might add a few days of survival to the group. While trying to collect the other known individuals that are in danger, Goji gets the opportunity to pay off his fixer, Brucie. It appears that Brucie has a truck that he needs to reclaim. He knows where it is and adds some equipment to the mix. “Just go get the truck and get it back to me- thats it!” And so we leave our group with the looming assault of all out corporate war and a much more immediate need of getting a truck from deep in an area of town that the life expectancy is about 15 minutes unless you know how to survive there.

A Run, A Show, Gangs involved in both
The Crash, Razz, and Drake Show

So this week we were without our assassin. We tried to get along the best we could with out him. He was held up in a decent hotel room and I guess stayed there while trying to figure out his next assissination. Crash got called in for a command performance. A special job, in that she was invited to bring backup. Called Stacie, who called our friendly local PI. Needing the money, our PI accepted the run with the understanding that running was out of the question. He dug out his riot gear and was good to go. Stacie met with her interview and got some promising new leads. Drake rested up for his show tonight. Crash and Razz got held up at one of the check points but was able to make it through all right. Entered the warf district in LA to be met with severe gunfire from the local gangs. Crash took a few rounds to the arm, Razz was glad he had his riot gear and it was a successful run (for the most part- a few minutes more minutes and it might not have been, but thats another story). Drake went to the club and the manager has been promoting the nights events heavily. The opening act is good, and Drake puts on a real good show. With all the publicity, Drake’s enemys also show up. When the Brainiacs decide to start some plans, Drake throws a monkeywrench to them by moving the crowd to riot against them. Unfortunatly, this gives his other enemys a chance to make headway and they cut the power to the club. Drake makes it backstage without incident only to run headlong into the man who (currently) hates Drake the most. Long story short, Drake smashes his sythesizer over his head, kicks him in the balls, dings up his armor, and steals away his girl. Unlike Crash and Razz- he hasn’t been paid yet. And his sythesizer is in peices. And his gig for tomorrow night is probably not going to happen. But he’s getting laid to night and most likly well into the morning.

Not so much this week

We didn’t have much of a session last week unfortunately. Drake got several songs ready to go for his gig tonight. Crash is still sick, and working hard at gassing herself out. Goji is feeling much better after a meal of something beyond kibble and a good night’s sleep. Bought himself a hooptie out of the impound yard; It runs! Pacific Slim is having trouble deciding what to do with his new assignment? Get it done and collect the bare minimum of cash or go for the gold and get PAID! Stacie True is gearing up for her connected interview with a midlevel Militech exec. Basically we went from 7 am t0 10 am on what could possibly be the last Friday of these characters lives….

WTF... we made national news?!?
the punknaught appears

So this weeks tale started off with a bang. To be honest a bang, a big BOOM, and then a lot of running and screaming. So we left off 2 weeks ago with our PI and the marksman held up in a trailer. Well, the trailer was just recently moved, and the PI didn’t have time to really check out the new trailer park. Shortly after daybreak our adventures witnessed some members of a boostergang enter the park and block off the entrance. It turns out that they are way way way out side of their territory. A quick call to the gang unit so that perhaps some arrests can be made if there a confrontation. In retrospect that may not have been the best idea ever, but it certainly was entertaining. Our marksman took out one of the men guarding the gate, and in the ensuing confusion he catches sight of a grenade launcher. He decides to make an attempt to shoot the launcher hoping for an explosion, but expecting a disarm. After an incredible roll on the players part and a terrible roll on the GMs there is a large explosion. The poorly maintained gun and full clip detonated with the force of a half-brick of C4, leaving a crater in the parking lot and dismembering the owner. 2 others in close proximity were blown far away. This causes attention to be put toward the only place both shots could have come from. Our marksman is “saved” by the timely interdiction of one of the gangs that claim ownership of this area. While all this is going on, our PI is crawling out of the line of fire. He is knocked down by the force of an explosion and barely makes it to safety. From his vantage point he can see what is making the terrible noise down the block. It appeared that the other gang that claims this area has a punknaught. They see the opportunity to take out their rivals, some intruders, and fortify their position in one offensive. Unfortunately the building that our marksman is on is in their way, and so is our PI’s RV. As with any punknaught, you don’t move around anything smaller then you, and if it is larger than you, you only move as far as you have to. As the building is about to be taken out our markman makes a leap from the top of a second story building and hopes for the best. At the same time the PI realizes that his home is about to become debris underneath a hovering disaster. Adrenalin pumping, fear of being homeless and losing a huge investment, our PI gets up and runs for his RV. As he gets to it, gunning the motor he soon discovers that even now, it is not unscathed. Windows broken, tires blown, and bullet holes have riddled the sides. Crashing through the fence with only seconds to spare the punknaught rolls into the area that his RV sat just moments ago. Driving down the road he picks up our marksman and takes him to his meeting with the local Bratva. Both take note that while the RV took damage, so has our PI. It appears that in his excitement his stitches have ripped out. In truth, very little has happened after that. There was the meeting between the Bravata and our marksman. There was a little adventure in picking up a victim of the punknaught and trading it to a bodybank to get the much needed money for the hospital. The RV is damaged much, much, more parked outside the bodybank. Our PI’s luck finally turns as he uses what’s left of the RV as bait for the local punks who are looking for a quick buck. As is the saying “dead is dead, parts is parts, dead is parts”. Then he gets picked up and listed as a confidential informant and finally has some cash. Our driver gets back from her recent run and discovers that her current neighbor is completely stressed out. She is also cooking up a storm. All this rich delicious real food and eating way to much causes what amounts to system shock and she is now quite sick. The rocker of the group is ecstatic that he has a gig the weekend, but needs some new music. Some composing later he is on his way. The other big news is our reporter asked some good questions and got a little bit of news that I as the GM had not planned on revealing for a little while more. When she revealed what was discovered to her handler- his steely façade broke for a second. What is he hiding- what does he know? She has a date tomorrow with a mid-level Militech exec. What will he reveal? In the end, our group is still separated from each other and really needs to get together to compare some notes!

Corporation Screwover entry 1
Can't we all just get along?

OK… so far.
So it appears that all the characters have some connection to a recently murdered up-and-coming pop star. Bodyguards who have had their pay voided because she got blown to bits, a PI that is caught up knowing things that can get him killed, a reporter on the track of illegal information smuggling and a musical artist that was unknowingly supplying the recently kacked with music.
What has the group figured out so far? She was indeed selling secrets-Made her rich, but made her dead too. Who was she selling to? The heavy hitters, Arasaka- they have ties to those that were bankrolling her, Militech-they’re certainly pissed off about something, but is there someone else currently unfound? There was a lot of shadow and front businesses that the money was channeled through. Also, an assassin with a standing kill order on her, and he was not the one who killed her- who was paying him?
The musician that was having his music stolen has been out of work lately- and his money is running out. Is he upset that she was stealing his stuff, yes- but since she is dead he’s not going to worry about it. Then he finds out that someone out there is cleaning up the thief’s mess. Is he on that list? If not now- soon he will be.
Some of our groups contacts have been distancing themselves from our adventurers. What do they know? Or are they just applying discretion?
In most recent events- our reporter sold her reputation to one of the underworld criminal organizations. Information and protection was her goal- will she succeed? Our driver has found a new friend, but due to that pesky lack of funds thing gotten involved in the AI railroad. The smuggling of AI is a legal and social hotbed and the groups that are involved are passionate to say the least. Our PI is recovering from getting shot and has had to cross the line to using illegal recuperative medicines because of the high cost of actual health care.

But through all this. The PI and our assassin are held up in an old trailer, The driver is in hiding at a friend of a friends apartment, the reporter is out in the open and our musician is walking around trying to get a gig. Can we all just agree to disagree and get together?


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