Corporation Screwover

A Run, A Show, Gangs involved in both

The Crash, Razz, and Drake Show

So this week we were without our assassin. We tried to get along the best we could with out him. He was held up in a decent hotel room and I guess stayed there while trying to figure out his next assissination. Crash got called in for a command performance. A special job, in that she was invited to bring backup. Called Stacie, who called our friendly local PI. Needing the money, our PI accepted the run with the understanding that running was out of the question. He dug out his riot gear and was good to go. Stacie met with her interview and got some promising new leads. Drake rested up for his show tonight. Crash and Razz got held up at one of the check points but was able to make it through all right. Entered the warf district in LA to be met with severe gunfire from the local gangs. Crash took a few rounds to the arm, Razz was glad he had his riot gear and it was a successful run (for the most part- a few minutes more minutes and it might not have been, but thats another story). Drake went to the club and the manager has been promoting the nights events heavily. The opening act is good, and Drake puts on a real good show. With all the publicity, Drake’s enemys also show up. When the Brainiacs decide to start some plans, Drake throws a monkeywrench to them by moving the crowd to riot against them. Unfortunatly, this gives his other enemys a chance to make headway and they cut the power to the club. Drake makes it backstage without incident only to run headlong into the man who (currently) hates Drake the most. Long story short, Drake smashes his sythesizer over his head, kicks him in the balls, dings up his armor, and steals away his girl. Unlike Crash and Razz- he hasn’t been paid yet. And his sythesizer is in peices. And his gig for tomorrow night is probably not going to happen. But he’s getting laid to night and most likly well into the morning.



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