Corporation Screwover

All right, so I am terrible about this....

3 sessions down this time....

Okay, so I have not been faithful in my updating- in my defense I have a lot going on in my life and updating is not the first priority. I have 3.5 sessions to update; hopefully I do not miss anything poignant.

So the impeding firefight that was in my last update and was the topic of one of Crash’s musings- turned out to be hotel security doing what they do when a penthouse is seemingly under attack. Pacific Slim was the only true injury, and was taken down with a cyber-slammer (a very powerful tazer developed for potential cyber psycos). Pacific Slim was taken to a hospital for treatment on the Hotels dime, and the rest of the night was relatively undisturbed. Goji did research most of the night, Crash slept on very good meds, Drake watched some TV with his girlfriend Reina, while Zeke and Stacy both rested up.

In the morning, Goji left early- Crash and Stacy got new suits and went shopping (Honest- I had nothing to do with setting that up. The fact that the 2 females in the group spent the morning getting new clothes and then going shopping…. Honest I didn’t!). Zeke left a little while later leaving Drake, Reina and his bodyguard in the hotel room. Goji started work on a little hidey hole, Zeke went looking for a payday, and Pacific Slim recovered nicely. Slim saw a few heavy hitters in the hospital and turned the nearest window into a new exit. When Slim got back to the hotel his “spider sense” was tingling and telling him things were not going smoothly. A few overheard conversations and then he was on his way back out. He did take the time to let Drake and company know his suspicions and they all decided to go to Militech headquarters early.

Crash and Stacy ended up at a cybershop getting helmet upgrades when they were informed that an overzealous labtech had phoned them in on a tip line. They loaded up and ran out the back. While avoiding the blow by blow here are the highlights. Stacy got hit with a door and Crash stashed her in a dumpster. Crash discovered that the new armor is really good and that she needs a weapon that can actually penetrate it. Crash stole a limo and returned to pick up Stacy only to discover that she might be gone. Was horrified to find out that they have a mandate to cryo the head if need be. Crash decides to take a corp hostage and then runs to Goji.

Zeke discovers that Crash, Drake, and Pacific Slim are all on bounty hunter search databases, Aimee and Reina (with virtually no information and a poor picture) as well. He decides to take Aimee as a bounty and discovers that there are some frightening circumstances in her disappearance. It appears that she was abducted after a struggle and whoever took her took time to clean up the scene of the crime as best they could. He found some clues and tracks down Goji to help him figure these things out.

Goji has been working at converting a sewer junction into a hidey hole. I won’t go into all the details but it will be well guarded when he is done. He also discovers that a friend has been removing his name from search databases. Crash shows up with a corp and they do some interrogating. Goji gives lots of work to Brucie, his go-to fixer contact. Brucie is getting auto cannons, explosives, lab tech expertise, and military grade ordinance for the group.

On a side note- I am very excited that the entire group is in 2 places. Ah, the little things in life :)



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