Corporation Screwover

Assassin Catch up

Pacific Slim's outside his Comfort Zone

Pacific Slim returns! He comes back to us and picks up on “Friday” trying to get the big bucks for the assassination that looks like an accident. He spends most of the day tracking his target only to discover that high powered lawyers are slightly paranoid. He spends his time behind mirrored skyscraper glass, limos (that are most likely armored) and in a corporate hotel suite. But he has a weakness; He seems to have a refined palate. He has a private chef that makes all of his meals and delivers them. Slim makes a deal to procure a binary poison available sometime tomorrow morning. After some rest, and watching well into the morning Slim is stunned to see his buddy Goji and Crash show up and go into the chefs apartment! When they leave and go into the apartment next door Slim decides to talk to them. After some discussion, there are some phone calls made and then relaxing in front of the TV. They catch a news report about riots and gang violence at a local night club. Then the news takes a much darker turn. A certain mercenary was gunned down at a local hotel. A combat squad of 7 individuals in heavy armor with no regards to who or what got in their way took all necessary means, and then some, to remove this individual from the list of the living/breathing. Who was this individual? Well it appears that there was a guard that defended Crazy Diamond along with Crash. While Crash was a great driver, her crowd handling skills were not as good as they needed to be. Someone a little larger was needed. That someone larger is now gone in a hail of gunfire. This hits Crash and Goji hard, and Crash loses her wonderful breakfast while Goji starts phoning contacts to collect more information. They call up Stacie, who saw the same report, and all agree to meet. Goji lucks out in that a friend of his from a few years ago is back in town and looking for a job. A weathered older solo that just might add a few days of survival to the group. While trying to collect the other known individuals that are in danger, Goji gets the opportunity to pay off his fixer, Brucie. It appears that Brucie has a truck that he needs to reclaim. He knows where it is and adds some equipment to the mix. “Just go get the truck and get it back to me- thats it!” And so we leave our group with the looming assault of all out corporate war and a much more immediate need of getting a truck from deep in an area of town that the life expectancy is about 15 minutes unless you know how to survive there.



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