Corporation Screwover

Corporation Screwover entry 1

Can't we all just get along?

OK… so far.
So it appears that all the characters have some connection to a recently murdered up-and-coming pop star. Bodyguards who have had their pay voided because she got blown to bits, a PI that is caught up knowing things that can get him killed, a reporter on the track of illegal information smuggling and a musical artist that was unknowingly supplying the recently kacked with music.
What has the group figured out so far? She was indeed selling secrets-Made her rich, but made her dead too. Who was she selling to? The heavy hitters, Arasaka- they have ties to those that were bankrolling her, Militech-they’re certainly pissed off about something, but is there someone else currently unfound? There was a lot of shadow and front businesses that the money was channeled through. Also, an assassin with a standing kill order on her, and he was not the one who killed her- who was paying him?
The musician that was having his music stolen has been out of work lately- and his money is running out. Is he upset that she was stealing his stuff, yes- but since she is dead he’s not going to worry about it. Then he finds out that someone out there is cleaning up the thief’s mess. Is he on that list? If not now- soon he will be.
Some of our groups contacts have been distancing themselves from our adventurers. What do they know? Or are they just applying discretion?
In most recent events- our reporter sold her reputation to one of the underworld criminal organizations. Information and protection was her goal- will she succeed? Our driver has found a new friend, but due to that pesky lack of funds thing gotten involved in the AI railroad. The smuggling of AI is a legal and social hotbed and the groups that are involved are passionate to say the least. Our PI is recovering from getting shot and has had to cross the line to using illegal recuperative medicines because of the high cost of actual health care.

But through all this. The PI and our assassin are held up in an old trailer, The driver is in hiding at a friend of a friends apartment, the reporter is out in the open and our musician is walking around trying to get a gig. Can we all just agree to disagree and get together?



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