Corporation Screwover

Run Like You Stole Something!

Thoughts after a firefight....

Uh oh… I don’t think I remembered to pay for the upgrades to my helmet.

Oh well! Heh, I guess I get a few hundred worth in electronics for free.

Well maybe not free. I’m going to have to get the armor on my back fixed after all those rounds. Doesn’t look like I took any severe damage. Damage indicators are reading yellow for superficial… i think.

Dammit, I forgot to grab the users manual. And my gun case. And my flipping pistol! That was an antique! Dammit!

Oh well, I should be able to find something online next chance I get to log in. And maybe that idiot Stacy will think to grab my guitar case full of ammo and my pistol. If she doesn’t get caught anyway. Lets hope those troopers are dumb as bricks, if she’s lucky and quick she’ll get out of it. A bimbo she may seem sometimes but she’s got guts and wiles. If she doesn’t I’ll kill her ’tho. Dammit.

Maybe while I’m getting my rear armor fixed I can have the techs rework my suit to look like a combat borg? Probably cost extra but it would be great camouflage, especially since the douches after us know what I look like now. I’ve gotta find an anti borg gun while I’m at it. Maybe I can get some hookups for an arms dealer…what was that dude we went to yesterdays name again? Fuck, I was so drugged up I can’t remember.

I guess I’ll head back to that Miltech place i got the armor from to begin with. Maybe I’m still under warranty…

“Suit! Tap my phone and dial up Goji.” Maybe he remembers the black market guy from yesterday. Or was it his contact? Oh well… find out soon enough.



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