• Crash


    A relitively unknown driver, Crash is quite good at what she does.
  • Drake Gibson

    Drake Gibson

    One part musical genius. Two parts Narcissist.
  • Ezekyle Ferrus

    Ezekyle Ferrus

    Iron Wolf
  • Goji Ijorük

    Goji Ijorük

    Hard-boiled private investigator with a knack for getting in over his head.
  • Pacific Slim

    Pacific Slim

    An expert Hitman who grew up in Hawaii, this man has built quite a reputation as being one of the world's finest marksmen with a rifle. If you haven't heard the name Pacific Slim, you've probably never owned a gun.
  • Stacie True (strinemen)

    Stacie True (strinemen)

    Short, Sweet, and Sexy ;)
  • Aimee The Cook

    Aimee The Cook

    duhhh... shes a cook (well chef but we wont quibble)
  • Dave


    Music lover- amature hacker
  • Fastback Charlie

    Fastback Charlie

    Laidback owner of a chop-shop/race mod facility
  • Hat Trik

    Hat Trik

    Fixer who hangs out at Just Joe's.. an anacronistic jazz and coffee bar.
  • Kajva Polkinghorn

    Kajva Polkinghorn

    Corp with a mission
  • Reina


    Drakes Nomad Girlfriend
  • Rit ah'Lynn

    Rit ah'Lynn

    An overly hyperactive netrunner who obstensivly lives in the net.
  • Steve McChansky

    Steve McChansky

    Underappreciated supervisor of the main police impound yard