A relitively unknown driver, Crash is quite good at what she does.


_Int: 7 | Ref: 10/10 | Tech: 5 | Cool: 4
Attr: 5 | Luck: 6 | MA: 6 | Body: 7 | EMP: 10/10

Armor: Torso- 14, Arms – 4_

Special Abilities::
Combat Sense: 5
Family: 1
Social: 2
Awareness/Notice: 4
Education & Gen. Know: 2
Athletics: 4
Brawling: 4
Dodge & Escape: 4
Driving: 8
Handgun: 7
Martial Art(Mui-Tai): 2
Melee: 4
Motorcycle: 1
Rifle: 1
Stealth: 2
Submachinegun: 1
Demolitions: 2
Weaponsmith: 2


Please Tell me about Yourself.

M. Alexandria Kinkade (Crash):
I don’t remember much about my childhood. Just Blood. My first and only memory is at wandering down a desolate street drenched in blood. The Family found me there, the next few years became a blur. All the way up until the incident.
About the time i turned sixteen we we were travling through a moderate zone. My adopted siblings and I went out scrounging for useful castoffs. We split up to cover more ground. The alley i chose was a gold mine. Plenty of useful castoffs, including a corpse. I had been there long enough to discover it when several officers stormed the alley.
Two months of legal issues later had me acquitted and back on the street. Understandably the family had decided to distance themselves from me. It was understandable, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. The family arranged for my defense through a fixer named Gina Nosrome. She promptly attempted to get me to pay for her services. It turns out that the family provided my services in exchange for arranging my defense. I began to drive for her. That didn’t mean I had to be nice about it. We began a rocky relationship in which i performed my duties to the letter, doing my best to find loopholes to fuck things up, but not so badly as to get killed.
A year or so after that i found Victoria. Vic and I have been togther since. Because of, or perhapse thanks to, her i managed to stay out of trouble. All the way up till gena assigned me to drive for Kenji Tenaka, an up and coming exec. for a mega-corp. I really showed my driving skills that day. They assigned me a really great car to drive him and when the hitters tried to trap us i was able to fly out of the situation. Saving not only Tenaka’s life but my own. he still checks up on me when he can. I think he was serious when he said that he owes me his life. He even hooked me up with a Mui-tai teacher, he said that street brawling is too dangerous and to survive so he could pay me back i should learn to fight better. Funny thing is I met one of my best friends at Mui-tai, half because he had to work on me and half because he was in class. Darren is a Med-Tech, an EMT, but he takes Mui-tai to help defend himself when he goes out on a run. It was actually his fault that Victoria all but forced me to get my GED. I never got that. I know I’m smart. I don’t need a piece of paper that says so. But it makes Vic happy so i did it.
Finally Gena gave me a run, a big one. I think she was trying to kill me. Instead i completed the mission, satisfactorily for everybody including Gena. It was probably because she told me that i would be free if i did it. She had all but owned me so I jumped on it. There can be no reward without risk. Of course Vic was pissed when i came home with a broken arm and two bullets holes in my leg. But she was pissed at Gena. Until she found out what was going on, then she was pissed at me. It took a lot of begging, groveling and presents for her to forgive me. The make up sex was awesome.

What about Stacie True?

Oh…her. We met when i was a child. we went to the same school. We were friends then. As much as kids can be anyway. We’ve both used each other off and on over the years. Oh we ran into each other thanks to her hiring me through Gena about four years ago. She needed a bodyguard and driver. I fit the bill. ’Nuff said.

And Drake Gibson?

That’s Vic’s brother. He’s kind of a douche but he’s still a good guy.

Thank you.


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