Fastback Charlie

Laidback owner of a chop-shop/race mod facility


INT: 5
REF: 7
TECH: 10
LUCK: 10
MA: 5
EMP: 5

Jury Rig: 8
Auto Tech: 10
AV Tech: 5
Basic Tech: 9
Electronics: 7
Weaponsmith: 3


Charlie is part of the “mistaken genious” crowd. His thick hispanic accent, laidback attitude, and habit of calling everyone “chica” and “essay” makes many not trust his abilities. But if you are looking for illegal modifications for you car at a resonable rate you need not look any farther. His shop is a “little mexico”- if you are white you are most likly a customer. It is not unusual to have his workers throwing insults around at everyone, client and worker alike, in gutteral spanish. The entire shop is on wheels and has a tendency to move around, but lately it has been in the warhouse/dock district. Charlie gives a good rate for any cars that you bring in- no questions asked. Others on the street may give you more- but Charlie has never been caught. It is rumored that Charlie has heavy contacts in the police department to give him heads up about raids. Charlie will also sell the occasional car at a very good rate- but word to the wise, if the price is real good, it just came in and Charlie is selling it for what he paid for it.

Fastback Charlie

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