69 Impala the new bluesmobile

Impound special


to come soon


A car bought from an impound yard that cannot be cut up for scrap because it runs. Price; $400. In the year 2024 when virtually all cars run on CHOOH2 this runs still runs on (enter gasp here) Gasoline! You know it can blow up! It burns! Anyway… the drivers seat is gone, it has been replaced by a lawn chair riveted to the floor boards. The back seat has mostly disintegrated but the old springs are still there. There are about a dozen toggle switches that line the dash. There are no gages, but those are a crutch right? There are a mess of wires sticking out from where the gages should be. There is a bumper sticker on the trunk that says “warning: undergoing a scientific dirt experiment” and that seems to be nothing but the truth. After driving it from the impound yard and around town a little bit, dirt and dust is still creating a cloud behind the car. The once nice vinyl cover is tattered and falling off of the roof, the tires are mismatched and bald, but it runs!

69 Impala the new bluesmobile

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