What we got here… is failure…. to communicate.

This is, among other things, an introductory adventure for some of use who are new to cyberpunk. An episodic, overlapping story arc, that is filled (hopefully) with intrigue and adventure. It was designed to bring characters that had little or nothing to do with each other together.

There are the mega-corporations- large seemingly unopposable entities that do what they want to whomever they want. Their problem is that they are like a heavily loaded locomotive. It takes them time to get started. There are committies to organize, groups to form, acquisition forms to fill out, cross check and get signed in triplicate.

There is the situation- espionage, information theft, and murder to clear the books. The characters all have ties to the NPC that did the deed that caused her to become dead.

There are our heros- All who just don’t want to be cleaned “off the books”. Is it really their fault that they had the unlucky circumstance to be involved with an information theif? The groups problem is that they are like a group of motorcycles driving down the railroad tracks. They are fast and manuverable. They can make alot of ground early on and dodge the oncoming obsticles easier. But when they hit an obsticle they are hurting.

Keeping with this analogy- Once the corperation starts moving, that heavy loaded train will be next to impossible to stop. It will go strait through the motorcycles that are our heros. And while yes, the motorcycles can dodge the train once maybe even twice- your luck will run out unless you have some way to stop that train

Corporation Screwover

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