Corporation Screwover

Honest, we are still going....

2 sessions in 2 months....

So I know it has been awhile since my last entry. There has actually been only 2 sessions since my last entry. The holiday season, work issues, schooling, illness- gaming has taken a back seat to all these things.
Things that have happened since my last entry; Goji, Crash, and Zeke went on a road trip into a combat zone to retrieve a vehicle and its cargo. While driving into a bottleneck, they discovered that this territory is under the control of the Hangmen. A extremly militant and very territorial gang. They survived without a shot being fired and actually came out a little ahead. Back at the apartment that Crash has been hiding out at Pacific Slim convinced Crash and Goji to help him spike Amy’s business lunch. If he succeeded, he would get a healthy payday as Amy’s client will no longer be breathing. He believes he succeeded, being that the target did not show up for the discovery hearing where he was going to introduce a new brief. Thus, his law that would most likely pass is now in limbo. Success? Stacy discovered that some of the group’s phones were being tapped and passed the word along and the group went out and got burner phones. Stacy also traded in another favor and got the group a temporary hideout. It turns out that Hat Trik has access to a penthouse suite in a secured building. The hit squad that made mincemeat out of Crazy Diamonds bodyguard had succeeded in tracking down Drake. Luckily his girlfriend was able to run a little interference and he has survived. He managed to get the cash for his last gig. Using that money he hid in a coffin house for a little while and then sought a lawyer to help him cut a deal to save his ass. He has parlayed his potential deal into getting a driver/bodyguard and an armored car for the next 24 hours as well. Stacy has ran to the groups hideout because after running some errands she returned to the bar to discover that a fire has gutted the club that was the building over the very secure basement bar. When Drake showed up at the suite and the bodyguard entered first all hell broke loose when the group thought that they were being attacked. But this is the calm before the storm. A hidden passageway has appeared and a floor to ceiling window in the bedroom is retracting out.
If this was a novel instead of a RPG, the last line would have been one of the characters looking at one of the secret passages saying “Awww…. Shit.” While releveling their gun at the opening.



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