Corporation Screwover


When given a few minues, after a shitstorm, everybody turns to introspection.

Crashes Narrator Monologue (On The drive to deal with the truck-jacking, the second one in as many days)

I’ve got three rules: The deal is the deal, when its made that’s what it stays at, no real names, and never look in the package.

I’ve never wanted to break those rules more than the last couple jobs I’ve had. I got the shock of my life when I, while transporting a digital package, hit a mother pushing a stroller. What was worse was that the mechanic found a baby’s leg lodged under the hood.

But I’m a professional.

I soldier on.

It’s not like i haven’t caused my fair share of collateral damage before. No my major beef is that the mission i got as a command performance after that was a shit-storm of hell and blood. I had to transport something in a refrigerated truck from Night City to LA. While the pickup was easy, the drop off lead straight through a war-zone. I’m not the shooty type of operator. I prefer to do it silently or from long range if I have to take somebody out. But we got hit hard by an army of a gang driving up through the docks district. Whats worse is that I took a few rounds.

I’m sitting behind the wheel left arm driving because I can’t feel my right arm anymore. I still don’t even know if all the bullets are out or not. I don’t have the time or the safety to go to a hospital and now Razz has me hyped up on some drug that a dealer gave us.

Whats worse is that I can’t use my fingers anymore. My arm is kinda dead, more than just numb but it takes a lot of effort to hold the damn wheel when I try and my fingers are permanently limp. At this point it’s all but guaranteed that I’m going to have to get it replaced if it wont work. I can’t do my job effectively with only one arm. Which sucks because I’ve managed to go this long without getting any cybers, but it looks like I’m going to have to get some major work done. Hell i might as well get some neurojacks and internals since I’m opening the package anyway.

If I survive the weekend. But first I have to get though today.



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