Corporation Screwover

WTF... we made national news?!?

the punknaught appears

So this weeks tale started off with a bang. To be honest a bang, a big BOOM, and then a lot of running and screaming. So we left off 2 weeks ago with our PI and the marksman held up in a trailer. Well, the trailer was just recently moved, and the PI didn’t have time to really check out the new trailer park. Shortly after daybreak our adventures witnessed some members of a boostergang enter the park and block off the entrance. It turns out that they are way way way out side of their territory. A quick call to the gang unit so that perhaps some arrests can be made if there a confrontation. In retrospect that may not have been the best idea ever, but it certainly was entertaining. Our marksman took out one of the men guarding the gate, and in the ensuing confusion he catches sight of a grenade launcher. He decides to make an attempt to shoot the launcher hoping for an explosion, but expecting a disarm. After an incredible roll on the players part and a terrible roll on the GMs there is a large explosion. The poorly maintained gun and full clip detonated with the force of a half-brick of C4, leaving a crater in the parking lot and dismembering the owner. 2 others in close proximity were blown far away. This causes attention to be put toward the only place both shots could have come from. Our marksman is “saved” by the timely interdiction of one of the gangs that claim ownership of this area. While all this is going on, our PI is crawling out of the line of fire. He is knocked down by the force of an explosion and barely makes it to safety. From his vantage point he can see what is making the terrible noise down the block. It appeared that the other gang that claims this area has a punknaught. They see the opportunity to take out their rivals, some intruders, and fortify their position in one offensive. Unfortunately the building that our marksman is on is in their way, and so is our PI’s RV. As with any punknaught, you don’t move around anything smaller then you, and if it is larger than you, you only move as far as you have to. As the building is about to be taken out our markman makes a leap from the top of a second story building and hopes for the best. At the same time the PI realizes that his home is about to become debris underneath a hovering disaster. Adrenalin pumping, fear of being homeless and losing a huge investment, our PI gets up and runs for his RV. As he gets to it, gunning the motor he soon discovers that even now, it is not unscathed. Windows broken, tires blown, and bullet holes have riddled the sides. Crashing through the fence with only seconds to spare the punknaught rolls into the area that his RV sat just moments ago. Driving down the road he picks up our marksman and takes him to his meeting with the local Bratva. Both take note that while the RV took damage, so has our PI. It appears that in his excitement his stitches have ripped out. In truth, very little has happened after that. There was the meeting between the Bravata and our marksman. There was a little adventure in picking up a victim of the punknaught and trading it to a bodybank to get the much needed money for the hospital. The RV is damaged much, much, more parked outside the bodybank. Our PI’s luck finally turns as he uses what’s left of the RV as bait for the local punks who are looking for a quick buck. As is the saying “dead is dead, parts is parts, dead is parts”. Then he gets picked up and listed as a confidential informant and finally has some cash. Our driver gets back from her recent run and discovers that her current neighbor is completely stressed out. She is also cooking up a storm. All this rich delicious real food and eating way to much causes what amounts to system shock and she is now quite sick. The rocker of the group is ecstatic that he has a gig the weekend, but needs some new music. Some composing later he is on his way. The other big news is our reporter asked some good questions and got a little bit of news that I as the GM had not planned on revealing for a little while more. When she revealed what was discovered to her handler- his steely façade broke for a second. What is he hiding- what does he know? She has a date tomorrow with a mid-level Militech exec. What will he reveal? In the end, our group is still separated from each other and really needs to get together to compare some notes!



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