Aimee The Cook

duhhh... shes a cook (well chef but we wont quibble)


INT: 7
REF: 5
TECH: 10
Luck: 10
MA: 6
Body: 4
EMP: 8
BTM: -1

Cook: 8
Saucier: 6 (Sauces)
Pâtissière: 4 (Pastries)
Sommelier: 3 (Wines)
Molecular Gastronomy: 2


Aimee is a gifted cook, who happens to work for the biggest legal firm in the world. She takes her job very seriously and is constantly cooking in her apartment to try to come up with new recipes and perfect her craft. She only uses real food because that is all that the lawyers and other corporates will eat. She is tired of yo-yo dieting and likes having someone else to taste her food. Friendly, but introverted, sometimes trusting her instincts to much. Aimee lives next door to a corporate yuppie who is all about the wardrobe and will never entertain at home. The address was more important than the residence. IOW- he has the bare minimums of furniture. Aimee lives there because she can afford it and her food budget and the kitchen had an actual stove and not just a microwave.

Aimee The Cook

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